What We Offer

Internet Marketing

Ourghana.Com’s internet marketing services maximize online resources to reach a high percentage of your target audience. The internet channel has great potential for return on a small investment. An attractive website is fantastic but it is not enough to produce results. We will help you strategically implement tactics such as SEO, PPC campaigns and linking strategies to market your product

Website & Mobile Apps

Your app is the optimal way to keep the best of your business in your customers’ pocket.
• Boost your profit margins, more profit
• Reach a wider client market, get more customers, more orders and make more contacts
• Boost your corporate image, get more business
• Modern up-to-date marketing guaranteed
• Partake of a wider and bigger market share
• 24 hour, 7 days, all year round marketing of your company

Domain & Hosting

Individuals and organizations can depend on our hosting services to take care of their documents and websites. Businesses can also run their online software on our servers to enhance their work because our server can be trusted to work faster to improve work output.

Hospitality Solution

We are known for providing the best hospitality solutions to aid our clients to increase their revenue. Visit our online platform to see all our products.

Our In-house Projects


What Business do you wish to invest in? How well is your business doing online? Let us help you expand your business reach and increase your followers and buyers. Its a great opportunity to build an online image for your business.


Do you need first hand information about traveling? Do you wish to visit Westafrica but have no idea about where to go? Then visit the one online hospitality platform that answers all your questions. (


We always give you the best. Be the first Hotel owner to change the Booking process to gain the trust of your customers. Its the Best Booking Engine software with flexible Functions and very affordable.


Call us for all your Bulk Printing jobs, Lamination, Photocopies & Document Binding jobs. We also do pick-ups and delivery within Accra. Locate us @ Tesano, adjacent Zoozoo Restaurant. Call us on +233 277 338161 / +233 273 539252